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The initial psychiatric evaluation will include a face to face interview with the patient. When treating a minor, the parents will be part of this process too.

With consent from the patient, Dr. Podolski will collaborate with other members of the treatment team. This may include as applicable, primary care and other medical specialties, psychologist, social worker, school, family members. Considering not only the individual, but their environment is key for elaborating efficacious treatment plans.

If appropriate, psychopharmacological interventions (medication management) will be recommended. This is done with careful consideration, and following the appropriate monitoring required.

Laboratory examinations will be ordered if deemed necessary. We pay special attention to nutritional wellbeing, including appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals.


Follow up appointments will be scheduled as necessary. Monitoring progress, medications, and overall medical stability of our patients is the goal of these visits.


Treating young individuals requires a team effort. Including the family and caretakers, teachers and other medical providers is essential when assessing these patients. We will obtain collateral information and help you navigate the school system. We will develop a treatment plan that includes environmental elements, and consider psychopharmacological interventions when indicated.


Up to 4% of the United States population struggles with an eating disorder. These disorders are commonly misunderstood. We will conduct an assessment that pays attention to your current symptoms and emotional distress, but also includes the medical pieces necessary for stability. Laboratory work, vital signs will be included in our treatment plans.

It is imperative that we work as a treatment team, which typically will include a primary care physician, a therapist, a dietitian, and a psychiatrist.

Psychopharmacological interventions will be utilized when appropriate. Special attention to nutritional interventions, considering both macro and micronutrients, will be in place.

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